Just a teaser here, folks!

I recently finished a project putting together an Odroid XU4 in a CloudShell case.  I made some modifications to the cooling system and added an external USB3 port connected to the USB3 port that is left unused in the official instructions from HardKernel.


Here's the finished product:


You can see that to the left is a combo disk enclosure and USB3 hub connected to the external USB3 port I added.  If you look closely, you can see the Noctua 40mm 5v fan under the top cover.  That is sitting on a heat sink I milled from some 60mm aluminum heatsink I ordered on the web.


And here are the steady-state temp results during stress testing all 8 cores:




Not even close to throttling!


I'll try to get some more detailed articles up over the weekend.



Legal Disclaimer:  I am not an Ubuntu apologist, but I do use Ubuntu and Kubuntu.  I am not a Fedora apologist, but I do use Fedora.  I am not a Windows apologist, but I do use Windows.  I'm not a FOSS apologist, but I use FOSS tools when I can and when they fit the job at hand.  I don't find any sense in a religious affiliation with tools and operating systems.  That's just asinine.