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So, who uses the terms "Linux" and "GNU/Linux"?

In the Linux corner:

The Linux Foundation uses the general term "Linux" for the ecosystem.

Likewise, Linus Torvalds uses the general term "Linux".  I'm with Torvalds on this: When asked if he thought the term "GNU/Linux" was justified, he responded


"Well, I think it's justified, but it's justified if you actually make a GNU distribution of Linux ... the same way that I think that "Red Hat Linux" is fine, or "SuSE Linux" or "Debian Linux", because if you actually make your own distribution of Linux, you get to name the thing, but calling Linux in general "GNU/Linux" I think is just ridiculous."


Ubuntu?  "Linux". (Oh.  But Canonical is not "ethical" if we are to accept the Gospel According to RMS, who is the final arbiter of what is and is not "ethical".)

Red Hat?  "Linux".

CentOS?  "Linux".

Fedora?  "Linux".

SUSE?  "Linux".

OpenSUSE.  "Linux".

Oracle Linux.  "Linux".

Debian.  "Linux".

Manjaro?  "Linux".

Arch?  "Linux".

Scientific Linux?  "Linux".

There are many more.