Hey!  I looked up and noticed it's already September!  I must have gotten distracted or something when the rain let up in May.

I thought it might be interesting for you Ubuntu users who have Nvidia Optimus machines to know what mc4man posted recently on the Ubuntu Forums and direct you to his PPA.  He may have a solution for you if you have had tearing problems when using your Nvidia GPU.

Be careful now, since at the time of writing it has only been tested on Trusty.  If you try this out on 14.04 (at your own risk, of course), I'm sure he'd appreciate a comment in the thread.  mc4man would like to keep testing to 14.04 rather than going on to later releases for now until he sees how this works out.

Have a look at mc4man's thread here.  This could be some good stuff!  

If you want to cut to the chase, mc4man's PPA, with a bit of background, can be found here.

mc4man also suggests you have a look at this bug for some more information.  He's mc3man in that thread.

Again, if you like what you see, have suggestions or comments, or test this on other releases, how about adding a post to his thread on UF?

Legal Disclaimer:  I am not an Ubuntu apologist, but I do use Ubuntu and Kubuntu.  I am not a Fedora apologist, but I do use Fedora.  I am not a Windows apologist, but I do use Windows.  I'm not a FOSS apologist, but I use FOSS tools when I can and when they fit the job at hand.  I don't find any sense in a religious affiliation with tools and operating systems.  That's just asinine.