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There is probably nothing new here that hasn't been thought of by a million conky users before me. I've just had this thing lying around for several years and dusted it off in responsde to the Ubuntu Forums question. So, there it is for what it's worth.

The images below show what happens at idle and after running all 8 cores of my FX-8350 for 30 minutes at 100% calculating pi. The first CPU reading is simply the k10temp + 20. The next is corrected using the script above. The last is the raw k10temp.



Legal Disclaimer:  I am not an Ubuntu apologist, but I do use Ubuntu and Kubuntu.  I am not a Fedora apologist, but I do use Fedora.  I am not a Windows apologist, but I do use Windows.  I'm not a FOSS apologist, but I use FOSS tools when I can and when they fit the job at hand.  I don't find any sense in a religious affiliation with tools and operating systems.  That's just asinine.