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Findings - video, game and GLMark2 performance (typical, all releases):
1. Performance with the open source driver:
Not tested on 12.04.4 as indicated above.
On 14.04.1, 14.10 and 15.04 (development) the performance was marginal for normal use, and extremely poor for graphics.
Web content stuttered and tore.
The .avi file stuttered, halted, tore and pixelated.
The DVD fared no better than the .avi.
I could not get Team Fortress 2 to run at all due to Steam's driver requirements.
The GLMark2 tests appeared to be handled almost exclusively by the CPU, which ran between 50% and 75% for the entire duration of the testing. Tearing, stuttering and complete halting for periods of about half a second were observed. The final FPS was 36.