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Findings - OS installation, installation of driver using Additional Drivers, installation of driver using the command line:

1. 12.04.4

As indicated, during initial installation of the OS, one monitor was not provided a signal by the adapter. Although disconcerting, this did not keep me from completing the installation. However, when rebooted the adapter was still  not providing a signal to one monitor. This being the case, I did not attempt to do any performance testing, and moved on to installation of the proprietary driver.

Installation of the proprietary driver using the Additional Drivers method was entirely unremarkable.
Installation of the driver via the command line was unremarkable.
With the proprietary driver, all three monitors were supplied with signal.
2. 14.04.1, 14.10, 15.04 (development)
Installation was a straight-forward process as expected, with all three monitors provided with signal.

Installation using the Additional Drivers method was unremarkable.

Installation using the terminal was unremarkable.