Correction (I guess I wasn't watching this closely enough...) -- looks like this is back to "Fix Committed".  Sigh.


Some good news regarding the fglrx installer bug for those using 12.04 and 14.04 with the current Hardware Enablement Stack:  I just got an email indicating that the bug status has been changed to Fix Released.

I'm on the road with my Fedora laptop right now and can't confirm it, but what this means is that those of you who have added and pinned the trusty-proposed repo to install the fglrx driver should be able to remove the trusty-proposed repo from your sources, update, upgrade and be back in line with the main trusty repo.

Thanks to the folks at Canonical for getting this sorted out!

In other news, I'm working on getting some hardware so that I can test some recent technology that has come down in price enough that it is now feasible for the average Joe like most of us to get our hands on it.  Stay tuned.  I think this could significantly improve the user experience!